Fix USB Tethering: USB Connection and Problems on Realme UI Phones

 Fix USB Tethering: USB Connection and Problems on Realme UI Phones

I found a few queries related to USB Tethering auto disconnect issues with some users. Don't worry! Here we've few troubleshooting methods in order to fix it. 

"USB Tethering helps you to share the internet to the PC using your smartphone device." 

There are many reasons behind USB Tethering auto disconnect issues. Let's check out some of those helpful methods given below. 

Data Cable Malfunction 

Check whether the data cable port is stable at your laptop, (I mean data receiver side) also it should be stable at your device side, make sure data cable is in good and working condition. 

Mobile Data Limitation  

Make sure you're not limiting mobile data otherwise after reaching threshold it will be turned off itself if you don't extend it yourself. 


- Dual SIM & Mobile Network 

- Daily Data Reminder 

- Select "Don't Remind" 

PC's OS Malfunction 

It also arises due to system OS malfunctioning issues. I suggest you to recheck once and keep updated on your laptop/computer system. 

Device Performance 

Switch off your realme device for a while, you can do it when sleeping otherwise restart atleast. It will keep your device in performance and all the features in working condition. 

Bluetooth Tethering is an additional option in case of USB Tethering not working. Yeah! Bluetooth Tethering is slower than USB Tethering but useful for normal web surfing. 

Data Saving & Power Saving ⌛ 

Ensure that Data Saving, Power Saving or Tethering data limits are not impacting USB Tethering function. 

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