How to Accelerate Dual Wi-Fi on Realme UI Phones?

 How to Accelerate Dual Wi-Fi on Realme UI Phones?

This time a new convenience feature has been added in Wi-Fi settings” Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration” in realme UI and here in this thread, we will discuss where to find & how this feature comes handy to use it.

 Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration

As the name indicates, the “Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration” feature can allow users to connect two Wi-Fi connections on the same device at the same time. if you enable this option, your phone will detect if your Wi-Fi network is faster and more stable and in that scenario is performing better and accordingly switch between the two. You can connect to another Wi-Fi connection on top of the main Wi-Fi. The device supports connecting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi at the same time.

  Where we can find?

1.  First, Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Smart Speed-Up > Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration.

 2. Click on Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration and turn it on. Now you are good to use the advantage of Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration.

Shree Dutt Jha

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