How to backup and restore Realme phone data?

 How to backup and restore Realme phone data?

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

There are several ways to back up and restore your phone data:

1. Please set the data to be backed up in [Settings]--[Other Settings]--[Backup and Recovery]--[New Backup] (backup storage path for file management--phone storage--all files--backup Backup folder), if you need to restore the backup file, please select the data to be restored in [Settings]--[Other Settings]--[Backup and Recovery]--click to start recovery.
Note: The backup file exists locally on the phone. When the operation clears the phone storage, the backup and recovery data will be deleted. Before the operation, you need to copy the data to other storage devices (such as computers, USB flash drives, etc.) for saving.

2. Using the cloud disk for backup, you can install the cloud disk and then enter the cloud disk to back up the data that needs to be backed up.

3. Use the data cable to connect the mobile phone to the computer and use the mobile assistant installed on the computer for backup and recovery.

In case of any help or assistance you can visit to nearest Authorized Service Center.

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