Five points to improve charging time on Realme UI phones

 Five points to improve charging time on Realme UI phones

Battery charging time matters a lot while using any smartphone. realme gives you better performance in order to improve user experience.

"In some cases devices take longer time to charge your battery 100%. That's why here are some points to fix this issue."

Make sure you're using your realme device specified power adaptor and data cable.

Troubleshooting Methods 

(I). Don't charge your device in direct sunlight, places with ambient temperature below 5°C or above 35°C.

(II). Avoid places with high humidity, dust or vibrations, places near electrical appliances like TV, FM Radio etcetera.

(III). Switch off your device for a while, you can do it when sleeping otherwise restart at least. It will keep your device in good performance.

(IV). Monitor app management and remove third party/unusual which sucks your device performance & battery.

(V). Don't use your device while connected to the charger.

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